Recently, one of my friends asked me, what happiness means to me? 

I first thought happiness means my dad nodding a ‘yes’ to me when the rest of the world is against it? Or Does happiness mean receiving a surprise from peers? Is there any universal definition for happiness? 

Well, for me, happiness means contentment. 

For me happiness is not about experiencing a party, having a soulful meal, being with a partner. It is about the warmth we carry afterglow that lingers within life events. Precisely happiness should not be something that we sense from events or experiences. If happiness is being for a party every day, it’s more likely where our brain adapts and turns pleasure into a routine. 

Happiness is that emotion where we feel fulfilment in life. Where we just learn to appreciate our accomplishments, being open to learn and experience and be committed to self-improvements. There will be times when we have to attend an interview and halfway we might get into an accident. During such situations,  If we can stay calm and find possibilities to get over it to achieve our goal. We have reached a state of mind where we have the power to understand what to accept and let go. 

Life moves with a purpose. Happiness is quite hard to achieve, even more, harder to maintain because most of us are not trained to bounce back from desperate situations.

Our individual needs are largely based on our genetics, how we are raised and how we view life. It’s always this combination that makes each of us unique. 

If we have a clear vision of life and know the fact that there are no one-size answers for every situation in life, then we are starting to live a simpler life of possibilities. 

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