Our passion for life rewrites our destiny. Here, we are going to introduce the story of a man who rewrites his destiny. Akhil Joseph, Delhi-based tech enthusiastic CEO and founder of Technobugg and runs many other websites, is a real inspiration.

Akhil Joseph was born as the first child of Philo Joseph and KM Joseph. Akhil was as normal as any other child at birth. The parents soon realized that their son was not meeting the regular milestones he was supposed to have. The little boy was diagnosed with a genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy at the age of one. Although he could not run and play with other children, he was very active.

Little Akhil Joseph had many obstacles in his school days. Schools were reluctant to admit the wheelchair boy. He couldn’t attend the regular class after the 5th grade. However, he continued his education through homeschooling. He was a bright student and acquired good marks. His dream was to become a software engineer. But he had discontinued because he could not attend the regular class.
After years of a resilient mindset, he achieved his graduation in Economics from the University of Delhi.

Akhil started writing blogs during his school days. When he got to college, he took it seriously. The tech-savvy Akhil himself studied graphic designing, web designing/development, SEO, and digital marketing. Akhil Joseph managed to collaborate with various companies, and he secured multiple clients across the world. He is a co-four of a digital services agency called Vier Digi Solutions.

In 2008 Akhil started his career by writing on the Google-powered Blogger platform. Then, in 2012 he founded ‘Technobugg, but in 2016 he made the platform in full swing’. Now Technobugg is one of the leading websites in India, providing the latest information and news related to the latest tech events. Currently, he manages nine sub-brands that include different categories of services.

He also takes the project of other companies. Moreover, he owns websites called Android Den, Sporting Avenue, iSkulltech, and Autobugg.

Android Den is for news related to Android phones and technology, while Sporting Avenue handles sports-related articles. Autobugg is an Auto-related website. Akhil is a big fan of Mohanlal, and he even created a website to cover the news related to the legendary actor.

Now, Akhil Joseph, the boy who dropped out of school, has reached new heights. Many people work under Akhil Joseph, and he is giving opportunities to persons with disabilities. The challenges put out to Akhil seems to be the breakthrough for his dreams of making Technobugg world-famous platform.

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