Running a business is generally considered just to deliver results and acquire more financial wealth. However, there are some humanitarian entrepreneurs like Sunil and Sudhish, who goes an extra mile and aspire to make this world a better place by their genuine efforts and workmanship. Opening up their very honest perspectives to Unique Times, are the Goodwin brothers, who undoubtedly have hearts of gold. At the very auspicious occasion of their Silver Jubilee celebrations, below are excerpts of a very enlightening talk with this noble team and a look into their much extensive charitable activities.

The Expedition.

How does it look like setting up some supreme values into an age-old traditional business and leave something meaningful for generations to follow you. To deliver unmatched values along with the products you sell and to do it consistently is something awe-inspiring. And that is exactly what these two amazing brothers – Mr. Sunil Kumar and Mr. Sudhish Kumar has endeavoured on. Some dreams changes a person’s life forever. And the name “Goodwin” kick-started everything years ago. Goodwin Group has created ripples of successful trend in the Gold industry, adding values like nothing we have heard before.  They think and work more on a societal perspective, than on economic motives. Challenges had been a catalyst so far. It was in 90s, Goodwin group, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, started its victorious stride, starting from the cultural capital of Kerala. The very place, Thrissur, which has contributed some of world’s most popular and immensely successful entrepreneurs from the state. The group is spread across different segments now – Jewellery wholesale, retail and manufacturing, Bombay Chains, Realty Developers, Security Systems and Goodwin Charitable Trust. Charitable Trust has become a strength and pillar to many in destitute, which in turn provides peace to the brothers. Group’s corporate office in Thrissur. The managing board is headed by Sri. Mohananan Akkarakaran, Chairman of Goodwin Group of Companies; Sri. Sunil Kumar Mohanan, Director and Sri. Sudhish Kumar Mohanan, Director.


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