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South Korea 46 get coronavirus post spray of saltwater in the mouths
Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 1.44.01 PM

S Korea church sprays saltwater using the same bottle inside the mouths of followers with a belief to prevent the…

Ms.Honey Tian Mi Won Miss Asia 2017

With the crown on her head, Ms.  Honey Tian Mi    from  China      stood before the audience today as Miss Asia…

Hours to Crown Miss Asia 2017

Only hours to go before Manappuram Miss Asia 2017 is revealed, an event directed by Ajit Ravi, Chairman, Pegasus. The event will…

Miss Asia 2017 – Photos

Kochi: Kerala is ready to set the stage for the newest edition Manappuram Miss Asia. This is the 3rd edition…

Stage set for Manappuram Miss Asia 2017

The third season of the ‘Manappuram Miss Asia 2017’, the International beauty contest organised by Ajit Ravi (the founder and…

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