Goan Beauty Magen Fernandes won the title Manappuram Mrs India Global 2021. Meanwhile, Deepa B Lal and Priyanka Naimesh Pawaskar earned the Mrs India Global 2021 First Runner-up and Mrs India Global 2021 Second Runner-up respectively. Mrs India Global 2021 hosted on March 30 at 6 pm at the Gokulam Convention Center, Kaloor.

Manappuram Finance Ltd MD & CEO, Shri. V. P. Dr Nandakumar, Chairman, Pegasus Trust; Ajith Ravi was in their presence throughout the event. The winners were crowned with a gold crown designed by Parakkad Jewelers. Bhakti Rawal (Social Media Influencer) Hari Anand (Fashion Designer) Sajimon Parayil (Actor, Fashion Designer) Dr Jimol Jabin (Mrs India World Wide Champion) were the judges for the Manappuram Mrs India Global 2021.

The competition was conducted by following the Covid-19 protocol administrated by the Kerala government.

Subtitle Winners

Mrs. Ramp Walk – Shivani Rai

Mrs. Talent – Priyanka Naimesh Pawaskar

Mrs. Photogenic – Magen Fernandes

Mrs. Viewers’ Choice – Rajani Mhashilkar

Mrs. Social Media – Shivani Rai

Regional Title Winners

Mrs. India Global North – Neha Bahel

Mrs. India Global South – Shivani Rai

Mrs. India Global East – Sriya Smitha Mishra

Mrs India Global West – Rajani Mhashilkar

The event is co-sponsored by Manappuram Finance Limited and DQUE and is organized by Pegasus Global Pvt. Ltd. SAJ Earth Resort and Convention Center, Powered – Partner by Medimix. The competition is organized to showcase the diverse and rich cultural values ​​of the country and to promote tourism. Co-partners are Unique Times, Sunny Paints, Parakat Resort, Kalpana International, Riti Jewellery, Times New, UT World, Aishwarya Advertise, Europe Times, VK Weiss, UT TV, Green Media and Fashion Connect.

Neha Bahel (Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal), Bhavana Rao (Tamil Nadu), Candida Andrade Halgekar (Karnataka), Deepa B Lal (Kerala), Inku Rahmath L (Kerala), Shivani Rai (Karnataka), Sriya Smitha (Haryana), Magen Fernandes (Goa), Priyanka Naimesh Pawaskar (Maharashtra), Rajani Mhashilkar (Maharashtra) were the contestants for Mrs India Global 2021.

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