Following the High Court’s displeasure about allowing private hospitals to charge as they want for independent rooms providing Covid19 treatment, the Kerala Government has established maximum rates for various rooms in private hospitals set apart for Covid positive patients.

The approval by the High Court on Thursday states that any private (300+ beds) hospital cannot charge more than 9776 a day for a private A/C room. Ordinary hospitals not authorised by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals can estimate at 2645 INR (general ward), 2724 INR (non A/C double room), 3174 INR (A/C double), 3703 INR (non AC single room), 5290 INR (A/C single).

For NABH accredited hospitals, 2910 INR (general ward), 3491 INR (A/C double), 2997 INR (non A/C double room), 4073 INR (non A/C single space) and 5819 INR (A/C single)

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