Vitamin D deficiency is there for almost every one of us. Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the globe. There has been an act of immense courage the body requires to conflict with the infections.

Presently Vitamin D deficiency has been detected more frequently in people with obesity, diabetes and post covid symptoms. Monitoring the deficiency through tests is vital.

Some of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

Bone and back span pain

Muscle pain

Frequently getting infections or being sick

Having dark skin

Having gastric bypass


Hair loss

Muscle Pain

Tailor your diet, one of the mst important support required to deal with mouth syndrome or vitamin D deficiency; is to balance the intalk of Vitamin D. Any professional dietician would be able to chart out a personalised food plan to balance the intake of vitamin D.

Being exposed to sunshine is a free consultation. Being exposed to the sun daily for 10 minutes up to four times a week will ensure that the weak areas of the arms, legs, back, or face will absorb a suitable amount of vitamin D.

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