Hardayal Singh, from the past 12 years planted over 10000 trees. Hardayal, 67, has created his mini jungle in his village. Hardayal from Patiala village affected with covid19 a few days ago. He struggled almost 28 hours to find an oxygen bed and passed away within days of getting one.

It was a routine for him to load his bicycle with saplings and mud every morning and pedal to the boundary of his village’s crematorium. He used to make several rounds on his bicycle and water those plants.

Hardayal wife told a news media, his contribution was to “ensure oxygen and have a clean environment for the village.” Hardayal prefered to have a bicycle than a bike to avoid pollution. He was so passionate about planting trees and hardly cared for the knee pain that troubled him.

When the railway department sent out a proposal to construct a power grid and the tree has to chop off. Hardayal fought against them and played a vital role in saving the trees.

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