The new policy of India’s inoculation strategy from the Central Government will provide a free vaccine against covid19 in adults across India.

The central government will purchase 75 per cent of the vaccines produced by pharma companies and distribute them to states and the union territories free of cost to citizens above the age of 18.

Private sector hospitals will continue to procure the remaining 25 per cent and inoculate those indiviuals who can pay but are allowed to charge 150 INR per dose as service charge over fixed rates. States no longer can procure vicine from the open market.

The maxime price private centres can charges – covisheiled 780 INR, 1410 INR for Covaxin and 1145 INR for Sputnik.

The free vaccine provided by the Centre will be allocated to states/UTs based on criteria such as disease burden, frontline workers, health care workers, citizens with 45 years of age, population and the progress of vaccination.

Preregistration on the Cowin portal is not mandatory as all government and private vaccination units will have an onsite registration facility.

India’s new vaccine policy determines a provision of non-transferable electronic vouchers, this allows one to for vaccine slot at a private hospital for another person.

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