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Microsoft launches Premonition, its hardware and software program for identifying biological threats

Microsoft stated that premonition, robotics and sensor platform for monitoring and sampling virus transmitters like mosquitos and a cloud-based software…

Willow a start-up company is out with a wearable breast pump for women

Willow a start-up company sets to market a wearable breast pump for women. It is out with a $55 million…

Kerala Gov provide allowance to transgender for sex-change surgeries

The Kerala government announced to enhanced the allowance to transgender for sex-change surgeries and allowed aside of Rs 50 lakh…

Two women officers to work helicopters from warships

Two women officers have been selected to join as observers (airborne tacticians) for the first in the Indian Navy’s helicopter…

Director VA Shri Kumar Menon return the script Randamoozham to MT Vasudevan Nair

Director VA Shri Kumar Menon and writer MT Vasudevan Nair reached a compromise ahead before the Supreme court considers the…

Bakery in Surat celebrated PM Modi’s 70th birthday by making a record-breaking cake

A bakery in Surat celebrated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 70th birthday most uniquely. The Brideliners executed a grand tribute to…

Fujifilm announced a new analogue camera Square SQ1 model

Fujifilm who is known for its unique manufacture of Instax series imaging products. Has announced a new analogue camera, the…

Zackrydz Rodzi in Malaysia found his lost phone with series of selfies of Monkey

Youth boy Zackrydz Rodzi in Malaysia was surprised to see series of monkey selfies on his phone which he had…

Actress Vidya Balan mesmerizes her fans again with her iconic fashion statement

Actress Vidya Balan’s elegant collection of six yards and love for her saree is heavenly. The Shakuntala Devi actress mesmerizes…

Apple launches 4th generation iPad air
Apple launches 4th generation iPad air

Apple launches iPad Air 4, a sleek design that features a 10.9-inch edge to edge retina display. A14 Bionic processor,…

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