Ryusei Ouchi, a Japanese skateboarder with retinitis pigmentosa, created unbelievable Guinness records by achieving the most skateboard ollies of 33 in one minute with 142 consecutive ollies.

The ollie is a skateboarding trick that needs to snap the board’s tail off the surface and bring the entire board into the air.

Ryusei Ouchi told the media, “The more you lose sight, the more you lose tricks. All the tricks you worked hard to get are gone.. only because you cannot see.”

While Ryusei Ouchi was 14, he visited his friend’s place and tried skateboarding. Since then, he got interested and worked for days and months learning new tricks.

All though there are record categories for persons with vision impairment, Ryuset opted for a standard blindfolded record title.

Ryusei never gave up on his dreams; he says if we have time thinking to give up or reasons to quiet desires, why don’t we think of achieving it? Let’s think about how we can fulfil our desires and do what we want.

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