Virtual classes starts from June 1
e-learning concept. Online classes.

Kerala: School students to have their classes virtually from June 1 as the institution remain shut die to COVID-19 lockdown.

Until the Centre gives permission, the schools are closed. The classes are scheduled through the KITE Victers channel as this ensure the students do not miss out any issues and it is accessible for everyone.

Monday to Friday on KITE Victers channel from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM the sessions are scheduled for classes I to XII (exclusion of class XI). There is a time slot for each class and it is called First Bell. All the sessions are available on YouTube as well.

A re-telecast of class X and XII will be held on the same day and for other class students, it is on Saturday and Sunday.

The first-week sessions are more of a trail and the second weel sessions are mostly repeated. This helps the management to identify the issues and support the students better.

The QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) monitoring committee has decided that teachers are required to go to school only when classes are regularly resumed.

The Kerala government has published order directing the schools to ensure that no students miss out the classes due to inaccessibility of television, smartphone etc. Class teachers are a response to follow the instruction and help them resolve any doubts.

The SSK coordinators, NSS volunteers, SPC and little KiTE’s members can also support the students by arranging laptop to watch their sessions. The SSK will give worksheets for students in Class I to VII.


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