Sudha Murthy’s new book cover release on her birthday
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Sudha Murthy an award-winning author on her 70th birthday. Publishing house Penguin Random House India on Wednesday announced her new collection of short stories titled ‘Grandparents bag of stories’. The book is scheduled to release in November as a sequel to Murthy’s previous release book titled Granma bag of stories and will feature 20 stories.

The publishing house started the first look of the cover is the upcoming book to rejoice the author’s birthday

Murthy says to a news media, the pandemic got me wondering how I would have been as a 10-12-year-old kid. I would really get bored. I would have visited my grandparent’s house, sat and listened to stories and learnt how to support people in crisis.

So this impulse gave me the insight to once again become a 10-year-old and thought about all the stories and wrote it has a book.

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