Snake bite in class room. 5th std schoolgirl die

S Shehala 5th grade student in Sulthan Bathery Wayanad died following a snake bite in her classroom on Wednesday.
Sheshala is the daughter of a lawyer couple from Chittoor in Puthankunnu. She was sitting in her class when the snake surfaced from a hole in the classroom and bit her and immediately disappeared.

According to her schoolmates “After the incident occurred teacher gave less priority to care back.” When the students questioned the authorities they paid less attention. According to them, the incident occurred at 3:10 PM and the authorities took action at 3:50 PM.

The schoolgirl was brought to the local hospital around 4:09 PM within 10 minutes she started vomiting the doctors shifted her to Kozhikode medical college which is about 2:30 minutes of travel on road.

Enroute, she felt uncomfortable and was carried to the Vythiri Taluk hospital, where the doctors advised to drive her to another hospital nearby, on the way she died. stated the school headmaster


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