Restaurants and hotels to function from June 9, guidelines to follow

Malls, restaurants, hotels can operate from June 9 following COVID19 restrictions. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on a press meet on Friday.

Guidelines for hotels:

  • Lodges with hotel facility should have temperature checking facility and arrange sanitizer.
  • The staff and guests should not have any COVID19 symptom.
  • Separate entry and exit doorways should be arranged.
  • Mandatory of masks for staff and guests at the hotel should be used fulltime during the hours at the hotel.
  • On escalators, people should stand on alternate steps.
  • The gusts should have self travel history and health condition analysed or written journal.
  • Online payments should be operated.
  • Guest luggage should be sanitized.
  • Encourage room service than dining. Food can be delivered at doorstep or table (avoiding handing over to guest)
  • AC should be operated at 24-30 degree.
  • Hotel premises and toilets should be sanitised
  • Children play area should be closed.

Guidelines for restaurants:

  • Maintain social distancing during the buffet.
  • Replace cloth napkins to paper napkins.
  • Have disposable menu cards and destroy after use of every customer.
  • Suppliers should wear a mask and gloves.
  • Sanitise dining tables after customer leaves.
  • Online transaction to the max.
  • Children play area and game arcades remain closed.

Institutions, shops and premises should be sanitised on June 8.

Tea stalls, Juice stalls, hotels and restaurants should wash the utensils in hot water.



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