People Are Energetic Googling ‘Sweet Neem’ After Watching PM Modi On Man vs. Wild

People Are Energetic Googling ‘Sweet Neem’ After Watching PM Modi On Man vs. Wild. Edward Michael Grylls fondly referred by his fans as Bear Grylls is a survival expert and face of the popular show Man vs Wild. The Discovery Channel exclusive typically involves him taking on the wilderness without outside support.

The previous month, Bear Grylls on his twitter handle announced he would explore Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park along with a special guest – PM Narendra Modi. The episode with PM Modi aired on Monday night. Both of done the best as always and made our day with hilarious memes after watching the show.

On the episode what caught the attention of many and left them wholly baffled. It all begins when Grylls took some neem infused chai and PM Modi said “Sweet Neem”, stated, “In India, we are famous for curries. In Indian curry, this a permanent requirement.”
This kept the people scratching they’re heard and took Google to search. Quickly sweet nem became the most search in India. The mysterious leaf is none other (curry leaves) Kadi Patta that most Indian homes use in the thadkas (curry).


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