Nightingale 19 robot to aid COVID19 patients in Kannur with medicines and food
covid-19 robot

Kerala is out with “Nightingale – 19 robot” developed by the group of students at Chemperi Vimal Jyothi Engineering College under the leadership of the health department to serve food and medicines to the COVID19 patients.

Health Minister KK Shailaja inaugurated the function of the robot.

Kannur has the highest number of patients of coronavirus positive patients, the robot-based service will assist health workers at Ancharakandi district to treat the patients. This ease the health workers and the reasoning of the Personal Protective Equipment Kit reduces.

The robot can carry food and water for about six patients of 25kg at a time. The operator can control the robot through the remote controller. from a maximum of one-kilometre distance. It also has a video system which helps the health workers interact with the patients as required. The Nightingale 19 robot will be disinfected after every visit to a COVID 19 patients ward.


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