Netflix pledged $5 to support million of Black creators and organisations

In the Black Lives, a movement that has been massive reawaken past few weeks after the protest of various people by the police killing George Floyd.

Netflix pledged to support $5 million to various Black creators and organisations.

The protest was mainly campaigned by the fight to end police brutality that has sprung up about systemic racism and the inequalities suffered by the Black community.

Now, this has moved to the entertainment realm as people develop to be more decisive about onscreen and offscreen perceptions.

Things have shifted gently in changing future practices to assure greater diversity among the professions.

Netflix has involved with several projects, includes having Black Lives Matter collections, limelight the shows from Black creators and performers. Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th, Spoke Lee’s latest movie Da 5 Bloods are some of the other projects.

Netflix also initiated to promote Black creators with new donation plan.

The recent weeks have shown a major shift not just of entertainment but in the world at large. Hoping to see some possible stories and praised Netflix creations.


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