Gram Flour – 1 ½ Cups

Sugar – 2 cups

Water – ¾ cup

Ghee – 2 cup

Oil – ¼ cup


Add sugar in a blender. Blend the sugar well. Take a pan and heat ghee on the low flame. Add garam flour into it mix well. Remove the pan from the heat. Keep it aside.

Combine water and sugar in a thick bottom pan. Boiled the mixture on medium flame.

When it starts boiling and starts bubbling. And the syrup is reaches the one string consistency, now add gram flour-ghee mixture in to the sugar syrup mixture little by little.

Stir well to avoid the formation of lumps.

Then add oil into it little by little. Cook it until it leaves the sides of the vessel and there is a pleasant aroma.  At that time remove from the heat.

Pour this mixture into greased tray. Spread it evenly in the tray using a teaspoon. Allow it to cool.

After cools it. Cut it into desired shapes.

Tasty mysore pak is ready. Serve it.

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