Listing set of services allowed and not allowed during the 3.0 lockdown

As the lockdown continues till May 17. The third phase of lockdown enables some relaxations along with the restrictions. The new set of guidelines published by the Ministry of Home Affairs have allowed relaxations across states except for the containment or hotspot zones.

1 – Public activities will contain ban throughout the country irrespective of the zone divisions of rail, air and travel. Interstate movements on roads will also continue prohibition.

2 – Emergency or special purposed with permission are allowed for Air, rail and road travel.

3 – Institutions such as schools, colleges and other educational / coaching centres will remain closed across the country. Hotels and restaurants also remain closed.

4 – Large scale public gatherings locales include malls, halls, sports event, gymnasiums remains shut. The gov also banned cultural, religious, social, political and other gathers.

5 – Liquor shops (apart from malls/restaurants and inside markets) are allowed to reopen today in all places with a set of guidelines. The shops have to follow certain guidelines of social distancing to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus



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