Kerala Worship centres to open from June 9
Temple Thrissur

Chief Minister Oinarayi Vijayan in a press meet on Friday stated worship centres in Kerala can be opened with the relaxation of rules and restrictions. The decision is made by following the criteria recommended by the Centre.

Guidelines for worship centres:

  • Individuals aged above 65 years and below 10, pregnant women and people health condition or illness are not allowed at this point at the worship centres. The authorities of the workshop centre must inform and ensure.
  • Everyone should wear a mask. The social distance of 6 feet is applicable at all worship centres. Use sanitizer or wash hands with soap at possible times/places.
  • No crowd should happen. First, come the first basis of regulation should be operated among the visitors.
  • Individuals with COVID symptoms should not enter worship centres.
  • Mark slots to form queue system Have COVId 19 awareness poster (protocol rules) Use hand cloth or tissue while coughing or sneezing. Tissue dispose should be followed well.
  • Separate enter and exit polls should be arranged.
  • Authorities should record visitors name, contact number and basic details of people visiting the worship centres. The Centres should Maintain a temperature of 24-30 degree if AC is in use. Recommend not to use.
  • Visitors should not touch holy books or idols.
  • Visitors should get mat and cloths for use if necessary.
  • Avoid serving food includes Annadhanam, rice feeding ceremony got babies, sprinkling holy water and another offer.
  • Do not use ashes and sandal paste from the same bowl.
  • Follow ration of 15 persons per 100 square feet.
  • Limit of 100 persons is allowed at a time.
  • All worship centres should be freshened and sanitised on 8th June and start to function June 9

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