Kerala records 345 deaths by train hits within 6 months

According to the latest data, it reported that around 345 people were killed by train hits in Kerala. Day by day such incidents are increasing in the state. Most of them are committed to suicides. In Thiruvananthapuram division, railway reports 211 death on the tracks. According to the records from Palakkad 134 death and around 83 people were injured.

In view of the alert rate of accidents on railway tracks, Railway Protection Force has alerted to dial up the emergency number 192 to inform accidents.

Railway authorities is informed that they will not be giving any compensation to the dependants of the people who are killed by accidents on railway tracks. Even those officials who do not have work permit card. No compensation will be meet for accidents during duty.

At the same time, the railway will offer compensation if a person is killed after being hit by a train if the railway gate is open. If any passenger dies after falling from the train, their relatives can approach the Railway Claims Tribunal for compensation.


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