Kerala; ration card holders get three different types of rice

The Kerala Civil Department has established to distribute three different varieties of rice to the ration cardholders in the month of May.

Pink card (PHH category) holders can own 4 kg of rice at Rs 2 per kg. Which comprises of 2 kg billed rice, 500 grams of Matta rice and 1.5 kg raw rice.

The Blue card (NPS) holder can shop 2kg rice at Rs 4 per kg. This include of one kg billed rice, 500 grams of raw rice and Matta rice.

Those who hold White ration cards would be able to shop 2 kg of rice at Rs 10.90 per kg. The includes of one kg boiled rice and 500 grams of Matta rice and raw rice.

Meanwhile, the Blue and White cardholders can also get an extra 10 kg rice at Rs 15 per kg. Which is of 3 kg raw rice and 7 kg boiled rice.

The Department will serve provision kits for non-priority (subsidy) cardholders possessing Blue ration cards from Friday. The dates: Card number ending in 0- May 8, 1 – May 9, 2 and 3 – May 11, 4, 5 May 12, 6,7 May 13, 8, 9.

People having White cards (non-priority) can collect kits from May 15.


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