Kerala COVID-19 cases increases have we have returners from other state and country
KK shaialaja

Kerala State Health Minister KK Shailaja stated the number of COVID-19 cases will increase in the state. And most expected cases are of those people travelling from outside the state who might have a positive virus of coronavirus.

The number of cases increases depends upon the people who return. If the returnees follow the quarantine protocol by the government. the transmission of the condition to another person can be controlled. This is the best method of how the curve can be flattened, stated the Health Minister.

The returnees of the COVID 19 patients health can be managed efficiently by following to the quarantine protocols. The senior citizens and individuals with less immune should follow reverse quarantine. The family should not interact with any of the returnees until the quarantine completes. Following the protocol will support Kerala to come back and be safe itself.

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