James gives his first class seat to a senior woman on his flight journey

Here is a passenger who made his fellow passenger’s dream a reality.

In the airport, while they check-in from New York to London via Virgin Atlantic airlines. Jack got friendly to Violet and got to talking. And that’s when she mentioned her dream of what it would be like to sit in the front of a plane. Jack realised that his first-class seat would be better for her more than himself.

While they boarded the plane, James saw Violet close to the toilet seat. He went on to her and asked if she is okay to swap seats with him? James quickly moved to his first class, while James in the economy section close to the toilet without any demands rather joy.

This incident was shared on Facebook by a passenger who travelled on the same flight. She has noted “nobody asked James to do the deed, James did it out of the generosity of his own heart”


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