Is Priyanka Chopra dating her rumoured boyfriend Nick Jonas?  


priyanka-chopra-and-nick-jonas_bf8e0064-76ab-11e8-ad22-53d0ea2909b4They avoid the paparazzi as they sneak into Mumbai city



Their Rumoured romance has been a talk all over the town. Comments on each other’s social media posts and their outing together has all increased the gossips .They are making headlines for the multiple appearances with Nick. They had been spotted at JFK airport together and seen sneaking into the city of Mumbai to avoid paparazzis. She had appeared as Nick’s date for his cousins wedding, and was photographed holding her hands with the guy near Atlantic City. Nick sends her cute messages and memes along with his poetry which is her favourite. He makes her feel special, and the reports says that he is the most perfect gentlemen that Priyanaka has ever dated. Meanwhile, their fans are eagerly waiting for their official announcement. Priyanka’s friends are warning her that he might break her heart, where Priyanka is keeping all the thinks light and thinks that he is really beautiful, and talented.

Madhu Chopra, Priyanka Chopra’s mother, is denying all the reports in a statement, but the photos of the couples seem to be brewing up something. And, few photographs which were shared by Nick were where he was posing next to Priyanka.


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