India’s postal service turns lifesaver amidst the lockdown days of coronavirus pandemic
POstal serivce

India postal service already owes its pride aa it is the largest postal specific in India. Now it has been a great savour, which supports to deliver life-saving medicines during the lockdown days amid to tacking the coronavirus pandemic. It is not just about exchanging letters. The postal service is also a pension fund, bank and primary savings instrument for millions of Indians. Across the country red postal vans post offices in 600,000 villages.

When India goes under the lockdown period, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, most business, apart from essential services were shut and citizens are told to be at home. Following the announcement, many businesses were left in the lurch includes pharmaceutical companies, labs, hospitals at the forefront to battle against COVID-19.

During the lockdown, Indian Post is among the few industries deemed as essential services and allowed to work as usual during the lockdown. This really helped to keep drugs in the market and prevent hoarding as said by Mr OJha

Shifting medicine and equipment between cities to states through red postal vans has really made huge differences. Indian postal services stay as the best-connected services in India.


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