India’s COVID-19 fatality rate decreases to 2.43% from 3.36% in a month, Health ministry

The centre said, On June 17, Covid-19 fatality rate has decreased significantly to 2.43 per cent from 3.36 per cent. Effective clinical management of coronavirus cases made the country handle the pandemic relatively well.

Nineteen states and UTs are having more than 140 tests every day per million population. Only by doing at a level of 140 tests per day per millions can get the positivity reduces and gradually reduces and then continue the testing process sp that the rate of positivity further can be reduced from 10 to 5 per cent or lower. Stated Rajesh Bhushan, a special offer on duty in the Union Health Ministry

In India, the COVID-19 deaths per million population are at 20.4 per million which is the lowest among in the globe.

The Government of India is cooperating with all its states and UTs. So fa we have managed COVID-19 relatively well. The decision is taken over based on science and evidence-based inputs and in discussions with domain expertise, Bhushan stated

India records 37,148 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, with a total number of recovers to 7,24,577. The total tally of 11,44,191. A statement issued ono 8 AM Tuesday.


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