Google launches new Braille keyboard for people with visual impairment on Android

For more than 100 years, Braille has been supporting people with visual impairment and low vision to read and communicate. Google recently to support people with vision impairment has established Braille keyboard on the smartphones called TalkBack.

This is currently for the Android users, TalkBack on the user’s screen divides into six zones, each zone represents one of the six dots that represent different letters, characters and numbers in braille alphabet. By touching the six zones in different combinations the users can work in braille. It will add up to a format the blind or low vision Android users are comfortable with.

Brian Kemler, Product Manager of Android, Accessibility Google stated. It is a quick and convenient way for the users to type on their phone without any additional hardware and easy to post on social media responding to text or email.

To set TalkBack on Google Braille Keyboard on Anrdoid phones, here are the process:

Go to the Accessibility section under the Settings option.
Choose the Braille keyboard.
Choose Tap to set up
In the dialogue, select Settings.
Turn on TalkBack Braille Keyboard


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