File complaints to police through online WhatsApp and Facebook
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To minimise direct interaction and physical contacts because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Nemmara police station Palakkad, Kerala announced they will receive complaints and services to the general public through social media.

Now the complaints can be filed through Whatsapp and Facebook platform. Nammara police station is first to get this system launched in Kerala.

At an event held at the station, K Babu MLA inaugurated the services by a video call to A Deepakumar, CI.

The station will acknowledge typed complaints or scanned written complaints. The WhatsApp number of police station 04923243399. Video interaction on this official number is also accepted. The Facebook account is Nemmara Police Station.

The public can report any violation of law through this facility, 24 hours. Witha day they will examine and respond.

The facility is hoping to provide services like clearance of certificates and other documents. Provide free online session and PSC exam coaching.

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