Dr Ajit Ravi creates Dynamic Moments In the Fashion industry inspired by his favorite star Big B

The world now learns from the Kerala government for being the response model of emulation of Covid-19. The way the state has managed the Covid-19 outbreak has brought the state numerous accolades. The business impact has gone extremely challenging, during the times of lockdown. Survival strategies for businesses and self are crucial.

At this circumstance, nothing can excite the world other than a success story from our country. The most sensational story at this moment that twinkles around the global is the enviable accomplishments of an ordinary man.

It is only when we dare to work on our dreams it unfolds layers of magical moments. Ajit Ravi a typical Keralite took that big step to create an epic moment in the fashion industry.

Dr Ajit Ravi was unique from other Keralites has he initated to work on his dreams. He wanted to accomplish what his favourite star Amitabh Bachchan could not carryout. Mr Ravi commenced his arduous journey from where Mr Bachchan had desisted.

A few years back “My dream was to organise an international beauty contest.” I wanted to bring in a reality of what my favourite star Mr Bachchan, had failed to accomplish. Says Mr Ravi

In the year 2020, he completed he made his dream a reality. Mr Ravi’s company, Pegasus, which is one of the most successful event production conglomerates around the globe. Now owns three successful beauty brands: Miss Asia, Miss Asia Global and Miss Glam World. He is now regarded as the uncrowned prince of the fashion industry of the southern region of the country.
Apart from these titles, he also owns several national and regional beauty contest brands.

Unique mind and strong personalities are rarely born and there are the legend and a true inspiration!


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