Delhi seals 20 areas, coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has confirmed 7.5 lakh cases in Europe. Spain, France and Italy have more than 10,000 coronavirus death while Germany has about 2066 deaths.
India, detected about 5274 cases od COVID-9, 149 death.

- Yesterday in 24 hours 93 positive reports in Delhi, all connected to Tablighi Jamaat. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia stated a total of 20 locales are sealed amid the coronavirus pandemic. Nobody would be able to exit or enter from these areas.
- Rajasthan confirms 40 new positive cases.
- Kerala total of 345 confirmed cases with 2 deaths.

In the crisis of COVID-19, ex Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar urged India and Pakistan to join together and support each other and stated If India could contribute 10,000 ventilators for Pakistan, we will remember it forever. Meanwhile, after India agreed to supply hydroxychloroquine to a few nations that have been severely affected by coronavirus pandemic. US President Donald Trump expressed his gratitude to PM Narendra Modi for his strong leadership in supporting not just his country but for the humanity he expressed in this fight and added the importance of closer cooperation between friends at these hard times.

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