Covind 19 updates, 32 death toll in India

A total number of coronavirus in India rises to 1251, the death toll mounted to 32. The positive cases of 1202 are Indian citizens and the remaining are foreign nationals. About 102 cases have been cured and discharged. Last day Kerala Health Minisirt stated an elderly couple aged 88 and 93 have recovered from Covid 19. The couples had hypertension and the male couple was on a ventilator during the treatment who encountered with a heart attack during the treatment. A doctor who treated patience with Covid 19 confirmed positive case of the same.

According to the Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus data about 3000 coronavirus deaths in the US has exceeded. The country has about 164000 positive cases.

While the Telangana government stated that six people who attended a religious event in Delhi Nizamuddin locale tested positive of coronavirus and have died now. The minister urged that those who have attended the Markaz prayers in Delhi should inform the authorities. Over 2000 people have attended including from Malaysia and Indonesia.


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