Coronavirus tracker and day updates

Coronavirus outbreak global death toll 20,000 with Italy having more number of deaths. Spain about 3434m France and Iran more than 1000 death tolls due to the virus outbreak. About 606bcases positive in India, while 43 recovered and 10 dead. The spread of Coronavirus rapidly increasing in India. The government has a strict protocol and have barred all international flights for a week.

Ashwini BJP Karnataka MP daughter tested positive Covind 19. On March 20, she has a travel history return from South Amera via New York, Delhi and destined in Bengaluru. The police alleged of not being informed, while the MP stated the protocol was followed and was home quarantined.

Despite the awareness and order to remain quarantined, Covind 19 carrier from Palakkad arrived at Karipur International Airport on March 13 and have visited multiple places such as banks and worship centres. It seems unrealistic to prepare a route map of this Karakurissi native.

His son had a close contact with him but being a KSRTC employee. He has travelled on March 17 on his duty hours from Mannarkkad> Attappadi, Coimbatore and Palakkad and Thirubananthaoouram on March 18. The son has not been confirmed positive until now. All those travellers who travelled on the bus are requested to report to the health department.


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