Chicken Satay


Chicken pieces (boneless) – 200 g

Red chillies – 80 g

Button onion – 30 g

Garlic – 30 g

Mango ginger – 30 g

Lemon grass -30 g

Tamarind extract – 5 tsp

Dried prawns -4 tsp

Salt – to taste

Sugar – to taste

Oil – 100 ml

Honey – 1tbsp

Method of preparation

Grind the Red chillies, Button onion, Garlic, Mango ginger, Lemon grass, Tamarind extract, Dried prawns, Salt and sugar to a fine paste. Now coat the chicken pieces well with this paste and leave it overnight to marinate. Thread the chicken pieces into thin bamboo skewers and roast in the barbecue. Make a paste with the oil and the honey. Keep basting the chicken pieces with this oil-honey paste during the roasting process.

Serve along with peanut sauce

Note: Chicken Satay can also grilled in the ovan

Toshma Biju Varghese

Photo Courtesy : Google/ images are subject to copyright


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