Chandrayaan 2 mission a huge step for India

Alice G Wells, acting assistant secretary of South and Central Asia, congratulated ISRO for its incredible endeavours to place ‘Vikram’ lander of Chandrayaan 2 on the moon’s south pole and stated the mission is a tremendous step forward for India. Well stated in a tweet post on the page of US Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs.

The communication with Vikram lander was lost a few hours of moments before its projected landing on the south pole sphere of the moon.

The Vikram lander victoriously separated from Chandrayaan 2 orbiter on 2nd September. The Chandrayaan 2 orbiter remains to orbit the moon.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech to the country, acclaimed ISRO’s scientists stating that they endure for the country and irrespective of setbacks, the country’s resolve to reach the moon has strengthened further.


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