Bengaluru old KSRTC and BMTC buses soon turn into Creches for Construction worker’s children

The fast-growing city in Bangalore soon to have another development in the educational sector. Labourers usually bring their children to the construction areas and allow them to play near the site while they work. However, this atmosphere is neither healthy nor hygiene for the children.
The Government of Karnataka to create a more safe and healthy environment for these children planed to turn old buses into creches for kids to play and learn while their parents work. Close to the location of the constructions.

According to the report by The New India Indian Express, old discarded KSRTC and BMTC buses will be renovated by the new look of colours. Toys and boys will be stored inside the bus for the children to play.

The responsibility of this makeover is taken by the Labour Department. Once the buses are designed they will be given to NGOs who will then manage the into creches. The department is also planning to serve healthy snacks during the fast half of the day.

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