An emotional moment, son found his biological mother after 41 years

Reunion stories of dear ones are always very emotional and inspiring. One such beautiful story of a reunion of a mother and son has recently brought joy in Chennai that will melt your heart.

David son of Dhanalakshni at the age of 2 given up for adoption to a charitable home in Chennai along with his elder brother. A Danish couple adopted David. In 2013, David collected documents through which he knew his brother was adopted by another family in Denmark. Since then he went to track down and meet his biological mother in Tamil Nadu. The search was tough as he had only one old picture of his mother and brother together in the name of their house in Chennai where they once lived.

David was so determined, traced his brother and began his search for his mother. After much search, through the city along with posters, somehow it caught media attention and he was invited for a special program by a TV channel.

Through this program, his mother Dhanalaxmi’s relatives saw him and connected both of them. The mother spoke to David after given for adoption after 41 years ago for the first through a video call.

“When I met her on Saturday, she hugged me. My joy knew no bounds. The only problem was the language barrier. I wanted her to know about every stage of my life.” David stated to The Hindu


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