A simple man’s extraordinary journey

Around a decade back an ordinary man lived in the Indian, from Kerala state who had an enormous big dream; that which needs to be built into a reality! Now he proudly stands at the pinnacle of his dream. The journey towards the peak was never easy; it was in fact arduous. That exceptional person is none other than Dr Ajit Ravi, the chairman of Pegasus – the most successful event production company based in the southernmost state of the country. The uncrowned king of the fashion industry of the country is now well known worldwide for the statement of his work established.

Dr Ajit Ravi’s journey turns to be inspiring by the power of his resilience, compassion, community effort, and most importantly about positive changes he brought in the industry.

Federal International Chamber Forum was a part of his vision. It is a unique guild of MBA award winners. Only those, whose asset under management worth not less than Rs. 2,000 crores, get the opportunity to be a part of this exclusive forum of powerful business legends.

The brain behind this forum, as well as MBA award, is by Dr Ajit. The forum is slowly becoming one of the most powerful business groups in the country. He has developed a leadership style that his employees, wishes of audience and shareholders that enable each of them to execute his vision and contribute with their own ideas.

Dr Ajit Ravi’s conventional thinking to go beyond the ordinary spaces is important not to let the effort of this visionary leader go unnoticed.

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