A 67-year-old cancer survivor from becomes Harley Davidson’s model
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A 67-year-old a cancer survivor who was going through a tough phase is now a model of the Harley Davidson bikes – breaking the bearers.

Sasidharan native of Thrissur Peramangalam worked as a civil mechanical contractor for 35 years, recently he bedridden for months after diagnosed with cancer. While passing his days with the support of painkillers. One day he met a young man who was attracted in Sasidharan’s white long beard, took a selfie with him and stated he looks like a model. The beard grew while he was unwell.

Shashidran was upset with the sympathetic comments received from the visitors. expect of the young boy. While his daughter came from Dubai to meet him. Sashidran expressed his interest to be a model. With no time she reached out to the Harley Davidson showroom staff in Kochi and they also agreed for the same.

Sasidharan big moment was embraced by many visitors and photographers. He posed for photographs like a professional model by wearing expensive jackets and coolers.


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