Delhi seals 20 areas, coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has confirmed 7.5 lakh cases in Europe. Spain, France and Italy have more than 10,000 coronavirus death while…

Celebrate the service of nurses and midwife, World health day

The world Health Day is embraced on April 7 to spread awareness around the globe to maintain good health and…

Union Mistry says, India between stage 2 and 3 of pandemic coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic globally reports 1346299 positive cases, India 4281 while 111 deaths in India. A 30-year-old gentlewoman who was nine…

PM Narendra Modi speaks at the BJP foundation day

PM Narendra Modi speaking at the foundation day of BJP he stated. Last night we experienced the strength of togetherness…

Tiger get infected of coronavirus in the Bronx Zoo

In the Bronx Zoo in the USA reported the first positive coronavirus to an Animal / Tiger anywhere. 4-year-old tiger…

500 positive cases of Covid-19 in one day in India

In a single dayCovid-19 cases spike with more than 500 positive reports across India, a total of 2653 cases. Maharashtra,…

Show solidarity, light lamps on Sunday for 9 minutes

Worldwide COVID-19 marked one million number of infections and death over the past few weeks. The Ministry of Health and…

Two tigers thrilling fight a viral video from the Indian Forest

India Fores Service officer Praveen Kaswan on Twitter shared a magnificent video a battle between two tigers from Central India….

11-year-old girl from Indonesia becomes the youngest person to die with Coronovairus

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Wednesday stated, confirmed cases of coronavirus in Indian is 1834, the death…

UN chief states Covid-19 challenging crisis since World War II

The United Nation Secretary-General Antonio Guterres notified that the world encountered with the most challenging crisis after World War II…

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